Free Flu Jabs

Why get a flu jab?

If you want help to stay healthy and prevent the spread of flu among family, friends and work colleagues, taking advantage of the winter flu jab at Herbert pharmacy is a good first step. Flu is contagious and it can be passed through coughing, sneezing or by touching contaminated surfaces. Most flu outbreaks usually happen in late autumn or winter, and, for most people, it's unpleasant but not a life-threatening condition.

The NHS flu vaccination at Herbert Pharmacy

Flu can be serious for those more at risk of developing complications and these people are entitled to a free NHS jab. Visit our pharmacy for more details.

Private flu vaccination at Herbert Pharmacy

If you’re not eligible for the free NHS flu jab, we offer a private Winter Flu Jab Service with a small charge. Visit our Herbert pharmacy for more details.

You can book your FLU vaccine online now.

Book Flu Jabs Online

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